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ACT to End Hunger!
Women standing at a table with food

One billion people suffer from malnutrition and 24,000 starve to death every day.
Extremely poor families simply don't have enough food. You can help.



*Click here: fto buy a Mercy Corps' Rice Kit for $13. It will feed an Indonesian family of five for a month. The Hunger Site will add 25 cups of food to your order.

*Click here to reach the Hunger Site, which is sponsored by Mercy Corps. Click on the button that says Help Feed the Hungry.

Women eat last and least, even when pregnant and nursing; undernourished mothers give birth to undernourished children so the hunger cycle continues, according to Joan Holmes, President of the Hunger Project. Women produce 80% of the food in Africa, and over 50% of the farm output in South Asia, yet they are denied the training, credit and tools they need to end their families’ hunger. 

*Click here for an e-Brochure about why women are the key to ending hunger worldwide.



Freedom from Hunger runs micro credit programs for women in 16 countries. All of them include education about business and health. Freedom from Hunger's website gives virtual tours of its programs.


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