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The Oregon ducks and Air release date: February 15, 201422ca40d8-9994-4394-b418-c7330e3cdb3d.jpg (188.05 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2011-6-8 12:44 upload can talk about this pair of shoes come from? Who is creative? Who design? the launch of FLY and Nike in the past few years cooperation models, Dunk and Blazer are used, Bruin Nike Sb is launched in recent years, very handy shoes, Runyo and I think you can use this fresh style, after the discovery of Supreme uses the Bruin to do a cooperation.. ha.. two Spade (imitation skeleton) cross design is very clever design, I think it is v cheap jordans for sale ery classic, plus the "seed" Chinese two words is particularly good-looking, who is this mind? 278 and 704 FLY is in Shanghai Changle Road shop number two? The design of the Logo Adidas Energy Boost 2 new color to the twists and turns of the white lines with uppers. The original Boost buffer is different from plain vamp Decor plus the sports and fashion boundaries gradually clear up, do not have a new flavor. 0.jpg (144.96 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-12 19:15 upload 1.jpg (150.27 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-12 19:15 upload 2.jpg (151.14 K Retro jordans for sale B, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-12 19:15 upload 3.jpg (147.45 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-12 19:15 upload 4.jpg (149.18 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2014-3-12 19:15 Adidas uploadNike + SportWatch GPS sports watch will be held this month will be officially sold in China from June 29 shop. This watch by the Nike (NYSE: NKE) and TomTom (AEX: TOM2) have launched, with unique features, stunning design, as well as with nearly six million members of the world's leading online community www.nikeplus.com directly associati Cheap air jordans for sale on, this new equipment will bring the most dynamic running and passionate experience of Chinese runners run. Nike + SportWatch GPS sports watch, this watch with a high-performance standard for the design, user interface, high definition, readable, in the running process to provide the necessary information for the user. It adds a personalized experience running and incentives, including through dialogue screen, challenges, run reminders and other features. Stefan Olander, vice president of Nike Digital Sport said: "Nike + SportWatch GPS can be described as a game-changing product, further to honor Nike's commitment to provide all athletes is cheap jordan shoes for men unparalleled means to encourage and enhance running performance. " wearing experience Nike + SportWatch GPS design philosophy is simple, intuitive, and only three buttons and a touch screen for navigation. When run, this new Nike + SportWatch GPS captures location information can also clear the screen by telling runners the current time, distance, speed and calories burned value already, users can make their own arrangements shows the layout of the content. Throughout the running process, GPS receivers will be installed and running shoes Nike + Sensor work together to provide highly accurate speed and distance data. on the table include: ? cheap foamposites Touch screen can be set to run laps, turn on the backlight ? Before recording a run of historical data ? personal records, including loading data from the Nikeplus.com ? quick start, you can choose whether to open the Nike running shoes on the + Sensor ? compatible heart rate monitor (requires auxiliary equipment) Nike + SportWatch GPS also provides a unique incentive function display for the runners, for example: ? acknowledge individual accomplishments (or display "Good") ? If there is no record five consecutive days of running the new content will be displayed to remind runners. ? Running After giving recognition and encouragem cheap jordans for sale mens ent After running experience Nike + SportWatch GPS can be connected to any USB Mac or PC computer, and immediately open the Nike + Connect interface, the information is automatically transmitted to www.nikeplus.com. Like Nike + GPS iPhone application as it can provide GPS positioning run for runners, rich total mileage, speed and altitude and other interesting data. "has been introduced since 2006, Nikeplus.com captures everyday pulse of runners around the world." Olander said. From June 7, 2012 a comprehensive update of the Nikeplus.com website platform faster page intuitive, allowing runners on their own experience of running a more prof cheap jordans online ound understanding, but also for the runners to provide more incentives. for the runners to provide accurate speed, distance and location information, both during running or jogging in the end, the necessary information to help them better training, track their progress. Other features Nikeplus.com of If athletes want to get the maximum gains from running, and let Nike + SportWatch GPS play the biggest role, they can also get a lot of running routes information from the site. These routes by Nike and other runners upload, encompasses the streets around the world. With the TomTom technology, each running route will be marked out as shown, a Retro jordans for sale long with route description, altitude and route length. Runners can also according to the position, distance, degree of difficulty, and even landmarks and other categories of search, finding the perfect running routes. since 2006 to join Apple introduced its Nike +, runners come to realize a series of Nike + supported devices. These products can help runners to play the greatest potential, they include: for iPod nano and iPod touch Nike + iPod Sport Kit, Nike + SportBand, and Nike + GPS App for iPhone launched a new.Expertise in the performance of Nike Flyknit running shoes series landing in China 2013-12-08 22:19:29 Only 34 grams The new Nike Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping Flyknit Racer running shoes uppers! The weight of the entire shoe, only 160 g, than before the 2011 Daegu Athletics World Championships marathon three athletes wore shoes lighter 19%. Nike in February 2012 launched the Nike Flyknit running shoes series, only the use of special yarn woven on the upper part of the necessary, not only to make the shoe lightweight and fit, but also reduce the material loss to the maximum extent. 2012 ?? ?|им? 7, Nike Flyknit series of running shoes will debut in China, shoes including Nike Flyknit Racer and Nike Flyknit Trainer +. Nike Flyknit design simple but not simple. From Nike Innovation Kitchen design director Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ? Sa Fuer admits this: "Nike Flyknit Technology innovation is the significance of this is the basic principle of footwear design industry challenge." Every innovation from listening and feedback, after 40 R & D experience and cooperation with more than the world's top track and field athletes, designers have learned that each runner will have the same feelings and experiences: the lighter the shoe, the more we can help them run faster. The light is defined, what is it? Like socks? Like length from the feet out? Or as a second skin in general? The highest level of a good pair of shoes, it should be is to forget it's there. Nike Flyknit technology will engineering principles and functional integration of innovation in shoe design. Tension, elasticity and resistance to different fabric material is arranged in the region need feet wrapped, woven out of an almost entirely seamless single-uppers. In addition, the innovative dynamic fly line Technology (Dynamic Flywire) has also been used in the design of Nike Flyknit Racer, fly line, shoe lace system and are closely linked, to achieve a shoe can be freely adjusted the fit function. In the process of long-distance running, rebound sole response is also very important, forefoot Nike Flyknit Series shoes Nike Zoom using the cushion, giving rapid plantar cushioning effect. Outsole design is a classic waffle pattern and diamond diamond cutting process, to ensure a good grip in the running process. If you are a runner or amateur runners who love racing, I hope to have a pair capable 10 km to the marathon race shoes, so Nike Flyknit Racer will be your best choice. innovation should be given at all levels of runners running experience more perfect, Nike Flyknit Trainer + this concept into practice. One (the 9th US size, about China size No. 42.5) Nike Flyknit Trainer + weighs only 220 grams (about 7.7 ounces), and Flyknit Racer different shoe heel pad with built-in protection heel, so shoes more fit, stable. Excellent stability and cushioning properties sufficient for daily training, intensive footwork exercises or road running race, every pair of Nike Flyknit Trainer + below the left foot insole specifically with the Nike + sensor chip placement slot, supports Nike + run data logging. ?|им? 7, Nike Flyknit will be the first retail stores in Greater China listed the following: Shanghai JUICE: No. 832 Julu Road, Shanghai (July 27 listing) Beijing NPC: Chaoyang District No. 81 Sanlitun North Street, where a layer of garden (July 29 listing) Taipei INVINCIBLE: Zhongxiao East Road 181, Lane 35, Lane 4 paragraph Taipei (July 27 listing) 3

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